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Nickel Contributor
Posts: 62
Registered: ‎05-06-2010

Contacts - delete or inactivate? How do you deal with this?



We have an on-going dilemna about what to do with Contacts who leave a company.  On the one side is Sales who for finds out-dated names to clutter their view of other Account contacts, as well as searches for contacts.  For the most part they would like to simply delete these contacts completely since of course that doesn't erase their history, but does interfere with them in other ways.


On the other side is Marketing, which knows that if we delete a Contact who was part of a Campaign, that got linked to an Opportunity - well than that data is lost on the results of the Campaign.  So Marketing would like to simply hide them (by making them inactive).  Also we realize that we have some contacts who love our equipment and tend to job hop making new customers everywhere they job hop to.  If they are deleted, it isn't as easy to track their movements unless the sales manager has a good memory and name recognition. 


My question to the community is this - do you delete contacts, make them inactive or hide them in some other way when you know someone has left a company?  Do you make a distinction between those who leave?  For instance we might like to track a contact who was an engineer and likely a job hopper and potential future client whereas we wouldn't care much about a purchasing manager who has little to do with the decision to buy our products and unlikely to be a future client.