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New Member
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Registered: ‎01-27-2014

Connection Failed SQL native client 11.0 and SQL Server 2008


In the network there is a SLX server with SQL Server 2008. All work fine, but we've just installed a new server with Windows Server 2012. The SQL native client 10.0 is not supported for Windows Server 2012 so I have installed SQL Native client 11.0.

The application don't connect with database server. The error is when the log on process. The client can view the database but don't connect. The test connection don't work too.

The error is "Failed to connect to database: Unknown error"


¿Someone know and Can help me?.

Thank in advanced.

Silver Contributor
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Re: Connection Failed SQL native client 11.0 and SQL Server 2008

So theSLX  Database itself  is now on a SQL Server 2012 Server?

1. Did you add sysdba as a sql server user to this new server?

2. Did you run fix sysdba sql script?

3. on the SLX Server, connection manager. Did you successfully connect to the SQL Server 2012 Server on your native 11.0 client?
Save Password checked True?
Chose your correct DB from step 2?
Persist Security set to True?

Test Connect works here? If not you many have to work on yout 2012 Server itself. TCPIP Surface configured enabled? Port 1433 enabled? Can you access the server from other machines?

Integrated Security Reset to blank (even If it is blank!!!).

Clicked on OK's and Apply as appropriate?


4. On the machine with SLX Admin, create a connection in the login screen and point it at the App Server using SLX OLE DB Provider.....test connection.


RJ Samp
New Member
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Registered: ‎01-27-2014

Re: Connection Failed SQL native client 11.0 and SQL Server 2008

Thank you,

But I was not clear enough. There is a SLX server work fine. There is a Citrix XenApp server with the saleslogix client installed. This days We installed a new Citrix Server in Windows Server 2012. In this new server we've installed Saleslogix client and SQL native client 11.0 because.

The error of connection is only in new server when log on.