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Registered: ‎02-27-2010


I saw the President's Tucson speech and was moved as he re-echoed his sentiments against "vitriol". Hmm, vitiriol - powerful word! What exactly does it mean, Google?

1. Sulfuric Acid

2. Cruel and bitter criticism


I agree! Clearly we will continue to have the fringe abberations which haunt society but haven't we as a people evolved beyond the caustic diatribe? Wait a minute! Ouch. Arizona, Scottsdale, Sage, SalesLogix, Community, Posts, ME, vitriolic!


Ok, as Michael Jackson sang out so passionately, "I'm starting with the man in the mirror". I apologize Sage! You provide this Community so that we can all work together to make SalesLogix better for everyone and I bash you left and right, totally inappropriate behavior. I am sure you are a collection of workers much like myself just trying to do the best that you can to make a living. So going forward, I will try harder to work with you rather than against you.


So I have to believe that there are always more productive methods of discourse than vitriol, the unfortunate weapon of choice for many a wounded soul. I will pursue those better methods but, what is the best way to deal with vitriol?


1. Attack back? Perhaps for a 2 year old!

2. Ignore? Always the safe way out!

3. Defend? Against an idiot - why?

4. Assist! Yes, that's it. What is it that has the so-called idiot so upset? There's often an issue hidden in the acid. Expose the issue and offer assistance in addressing it. Be prepared for some initial backlash (the acid has probably been churning for awhile) but if you/we both truly want the same thing, I gotta believe we can get there!


Hmm, how do I e-mail the President!


Sincere apologies to Sage, once again,

Larry Esposito


P.S. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their family and friends, as well as the troubled young man who perpitrated this horrible act and his family.