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APPMAPPINGID table record entry Warning!

[ Edited ]

Unbeknownst to me (and SLX Tech Support) but this one record is crucial for your Web Client and Web Mobile users to log into the SLX System. Deleting the record locks ALL nonADMIN user's out of SLXClient, and SLXMobile (I think ADMIN locked out of Mobile as well).


The 'error' message appears on the Login.aspx page under the password as a red lined "No valid Network Users license available" message. SLXMobile just sits there after Login, on the Login screen, after you've clicked on Log On.


There are no redlined licenses in Admin Systems Licenses (which is SOP for a license breach on the LAN side, they should have been redlined for no APPMAPPINGID record as well!!!).


Solution: LAN bundled in the record from another database and all was well.


Moral of the story: don't delete the APPMAPPINGID record in an SLX database.....hmmm, unless you want to! A great way to lock user's out of the Web system, quickly and painlessly.....(or would that be accomplished by setting the one record's Enabled property to 'F'?????).


RJ Samp
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Re: APPMAPPINGID table record entry Warning!

Great catch! Definitely one for theKB.

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Re: APPMAPPINGID table record entry Warning!

Just to make a correction... it's APPIDMAPPING.  And it deals with all of the integration mapping for external sites.



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Registered: ‎03-24-2009

Re: APPMAPPINGID table record entry Warning!

And it deals with NO integration to any other sites as well.......

RJ Samp
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Re: APPMAPPINGID table record entry Warning!

FYI we ran into a similar issue on a v6.2.6 upgrade to v8.0

The APPIDMAPPING table was never populated....and nor was the SYSTEMINFO.APPID field populated.


We had to bundle the row from an existing database and apply it to the upgraded database....followed by a SQL update query to update the SYSTEMINFO.APPID field.


We combed through the SalesLogix Upgrade bundles but couldn't locate where this table is supposed to be populated in the upgrade process. I wonder if its something that the Application Architect is supposed to populate when launched and doesn't do so?