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Nickel Contributor
Posts: 62
Registered: ‎05-06-2010

8-cloud-Can you merge Opportunities?

For some reason I thought now in 8 you could merge Opportunities, just like you merge Accounts or Contacts. 


Is this not possible or should is this something perhaps restricted by rights by the Administrator?  I wasn't able to do this.  Does anyone know about this?


If not possible, I'm going to have to add this to the wish list.  It's quite frequent that we end up opening multiple Opportunities for various projects that end up all being for the same thing.  It's a pain to reassign all the notes, redrop in attachments to one Opp and then delete the other one -- especially when there's a sales process attached.  It would be really great to be able to merge Opps from a single Account.





Silver Contributor
Posts: 835
Registered: ‎03-24-2009

Re: 8-cloud-Can you merge Opportunities?

Cloning (copying key opportunity data whilst allowing for automagic changes to pricing, est. close date, etc.) and Merging Opportunities has 'always' been a customization... and they got rid of the 'non-syncable' change the Account for an Opportunity from the LAN client a few versions ago.


Literally everyone would have different business rules for Merging least for Opportunity Products. Maybe the default could be keep ALL of the 1:Many records....including Opportunity Products....and then let the user delete the Opp Products that are duplicates.....

RJ Samp