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Registered: ‎04-10-2009

recordchanges not working on add edit address

I toggled recordchanges on the add edit address form for fields like address1, city, state and postal code but the changes are not recording to history.  Is this a known issue or is there a workaround?


SalesLogix version is 7.2.2.

Jon Giese
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Re: recordchanges not working on add edit address

[ Edited ]

One thought that crossed my mind was.. is this one of those things that requires stopping and re-starting the SalesLogix "server"?... I tried it but no go..  Even did a full SlxProfile trace (using a 7.2.2 w/all HF's in place).


Tried the same thing on a 7.5.1 system  - same fail to record.


It looks like there's a control(s) problem here. I'd suggest (since there is only one add/edit form for Account/Contact):

   A - Add an onEnter control event handler to save the existing data to a "local Global" (A variable that is local to the script behind but not in a sub/function) called "sOrigValue" 

   B - Add an OnExitControl event handler to compare the values in the control to the "sOrigValue"

   C - If they do NOT match, call a function (which you will need to write) to post a record to NotesHistory that matches what the "DBChange" looks like.


You may want to add that to Add Edit LeadAddress if you want to track those changes.. but I'm not sure that would be very useful. 


Edited after post:

  Thinking it over carefully, it may be an issue w/the fact the controls are on a "dialog" style form and not on a detail or tab. 

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