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Accepted Solution

Why do I really need admin?

It seems that Mordac has discovered that I have the ability to log into SLX as admin using the admin's password, and as such can still perform my job duties.  He'd like to put a stop to this ("in a perfect world, no one would be able to do anything").  


Over the years, I have heard that there "are things" that must be done as admin.  Does anyone have a list of such "things" that can't be done by users who are granted some of the admin's abilities through Administrative Roles?


Also, I use DTS packages with the SLX provider to do some mass updates.  The IT gods would also like to remove my ability to update the SLX database outside of the application.  I currently (as the Siebel admin) have R/W permisssions on the database. Not sure how to alow me to update things using DTS if I don't.....???


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Re: Why do I really need admin?

We do not (to my knowledge) have a document which lists all of this, but off the top of my head, only Admin can:

Add users (Admin role can only modify existing)
Add Teams
Log into the Architect
Log into Application Architect

If you need to go any of the above then you would still require the Admin login.

With regards to DTS, you will need the R/W permissions.
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Re: Why do I really need admin?

Thanks Emma!