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Registered: ‎02-02-2011

Upgrade to new servers

We are currently running 7.0.1.  Currently, the SalesLogix server and sync server are on the same physical server with the database on it's own server.  During our upgrade to 7.5.3, we are going to put it on new hardware.  I'd like to stick with two servers, just like before, if possible.  My question is: where should Intellisync reside?  Is it ok for it to be on the sync server with the SalesLogix server?  Does it add much load to the server?  We have about 50 remote clients and only about 5 network clients.  I'd rather not put it on the database server.


Thanks for your input.



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Re: Upgrade to new servers

You.. just put the (intellisync) web portal there..

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