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Ticket Reminders



We are running SLX v7.5.4 on the Cloud.  I am trying to figure out the best way to implement the following request:  if a Ticket stays

in the (x) status for (x) hours, a reminder is set to the assigned to user, copy to assigned to manager.  Any thoughts on how this might be accomplished would be greatly appreciated!


Karen Hart


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Re: Ticket Reminders

KnowledgeSync or TaskCentre eith one could handle this for you.  You would create an event that looked for the offest in time that you wanted and the status chnge in the Ticket Journal information and send the notifications to the appropriate parties.  The query would need to take into account weekends (and probably holidays), but could be done.  We have created KnowledgeSync events that perform the offest calculations for some of our customers, but not how long it is in the status.  I am sure that could easily be added into the query.

Jim Pemberton
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Re: Ticket Reminders

We highly recommend TaskCentre for the job (yes, you can do things like this in KS)  .. and more. Have the Tasks built to do this.. plus send off emails,  create Slx Activities, initiate Workflow operations w/ "people" in the loop, etc.

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Re: Ticket Reminders

If you are on SLX 8 you may also use the job service of SalesLogix to do this.

This would require programming tasks but it is possible. Depending on the perspective what you want to do with Task automation, this may be also an option.