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Tuned Listener
Posts: 32
Registered: ‎07-13-2009

SpeedSearch issue on dual usage of SLXRemote and local SLX DB


SQL 2008

Windows XP Pro SP3


We have a SLX user who uses his iaptop on the road via SLXRemote and in the office via SLXOffice.  It appears that there's an issue with the SLXRemote using SpeedSearch and then logging into the local SLX DB on the LAN.


The issue is given in the Event Log as "SLXSearchService database connection failed [Microsoft] [ODBC Driver Manager].  Data source name not found and no default driver specified."


When I first noticed this I reset the link in SpeedSearch to point to the SLXRemote DB. This seemed to solve the issue but after a couple days at the office the user got back on the road and then received the same error message as above after they had used the SLXOffice connection.


WIthout just forcing the user to be on the SLXRemote in/out of the office, is there another workaround or solution?