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Saleslogix Web client



We have a customer currentlly running Saleslogix web  7.5.3 .


There is a complaint about the users that first start working with the client every day, as they have to wait for the web server to load all the pages.


Our customer have ask us if there is any authomatic "warm up" procedure that IT department can lanunch every morning before the user arrive.


They have installed the web client on a windows 2003 server running IIS 6


Any ideas, is there any standard procedure for the authomatic "warm up" of the saleslogix client?


Thank you in advance


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Re: Saleslogix Web client

BAsed on what you posted.. my guess is that the web server is either rebooted or an iisreset is issued every nite. Since Sage SalesLogix web is a .NET based web app... you end up with a 1st time hit (for EACH page) for the 1st user of that page every AM. 


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Saleslogix Web - IIS warm-up?

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We're also getting requests from clients to help alleviate the slow start-up speed of all the ASP forms:


When a user hits the page for the first time after being idle for a period of time (every night usually), the form will take a long time to load. Once that happens though, that specific form will load much more quickly for any subsequent hits by any user.


As RJ mentioned, this happens for EVERY single ASP page in SalesLogix, which makes it very aggravating for that first user logging on every morning. Has anyone devised a "warm-up" script or other method that would force IIS v7.x to maintain these forms available to eliminate this start-up lag?


Warm-up scripts seem to be fairly common for SharePoint and other mainstream ASP web apps out there, but we can't seem to find one for SalesLogix. We're certainly not an IIS shop, but SalesLogix seems to be helping us become one!


We'd sure appreciate any insight the community can provide.

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Re: Saleslogix Web - IIS warm-up?

I'm 99% sure that there are US BP's out there who have created a ASP warm up script which just 'touches' each of the main entities etc when the user is logging in.


Unfortunately we don't have any details of who these BP's are and they don't seem to be selling/sharing this development from my short google.


It would be good if anyone who has done could come forward.  I'm sure they could make some $!

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Re: Saleslogix Web - IIS warm-up?

Infinity Info Systems has built a "warmup script" module. It will automate a browser, navigate to the preconfigured pages of the preconfigured sites and servers.

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Re: Saleslogix Web - IIS warm-up?

Sounds like something that can easily be scripted with WGET.