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SalesLogix and Czech

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Hi, does anyone have any specific experience/knowledge of operating with a CTX environment and Czech/Hungarian/Eastern Europe ? My customer is finding that characters such as:


1. éőá --> typed in by keyboard, after saved it changed to eoa

2. David Šauer --> copy/pasted, after saved it changed to David Sauer or David ?auer

3. КраКра Софт - Начко Божков ЕТ --> copy/pasted, SLX change this to ????? ???? ???? ???? or SLX will not save this but a Message box appears (multi-step error)


The AutoTranslate is off - but that's about the limit of changes required I think ? Non-Unicode is set in OS to Eastern Europe. Database collation is being confirmed. Version is 7.5.3 will all hot-fixes.



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Re: SalesLogix and Czech

The Citrix server and client work stations should all have the "Language for non-Unicode Programs" set to the same thing, such as "Czech (Czech Republic)", as well as the SalesLogix server. The example #3 you gave below is invalid for code page 1250, and will not store correctly, if you want to support Czech. The database should be able to store Albanian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian (Latin), Slovak, and Slovenian, since they all share the same code page.