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SLX System Service shuts down unexpectedly - Citrix Environment

Event Type:    Error
Event Source:    SLXKeepLoggedInThread
Event Category:    None
Event ID:    4
Date:        2009/09/03
Time:        11:48:11 AM
User:        N/A
Computer:    XXXXXXXX
KeepLoggedIn: System Object has no connection.


and the following:


Execute Method: Access violation at address 042DF32C in module 'SLXOLEDB.dll'. Read of address 00000000


Hi guys, we are having major issues with one of our clients. They are running in the following environment:


2 Cirtix Servers running SLX Client:

Server 2003 R2 x64


SLX 7.5.1 Client

SLX 7.5.1 OLEDB Provider


SLX Server:

Server 2003 R2 x64


SLX 7.5.1


DB is Oracle on seperate server.


Currently the SLX System Service on the two Citrix boxes terminates unexpectedly with no real route of cause. Once the service terminates the only way to start up the service again is to reboot the two servers.


Everything was working and configured perfectly untill a power failure, since then the service has never worked properly. I am not sure whether it is a timing thing or a load issue.


A task was taken to rebuild one of the Citrix boxes from scratch, after the rebuild the same issue started happening.


Any assistence would be greatly appreciated.






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Re: SLX System Service shuts down unexpectedly - Citrix Environment

Byron were you able to get some resolution to this issue? this is happening to an environment related to v7.5.2 very similar to the config you provided, citrix on win2003 box  , the issue however seems to be that the slxservice stops and provides a message error 1053 that the slx system service failed to start correctly,  and the only way  we were able to resolve was to repair the slx provider and the saleslogix client through the installer. if you have some inputs for the above issue which seems to be close to the issue i am assuming the resolution could also be common.




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Re: SLX System Service shuts down unexpectedly - Citrix Environment

[ Edited ]

Do you have it setup to run as a service?



Optimization Area: When running the SLXSystem.exe as a Windows Server, you can set the service to
remain open for a set amount of time before shutting down.
At startup, the Sage SalesLogix Client starts the SLXSystem.exe as a background process (if it is not
present) and continues running it. In a multiuser environment like a Terminal Server, this process needs
to be started using a system or administrator account if normal user accounts are to share access. To
enable user accounts to share access, install the executable as a service using the following command:
Start | Run | cmd.exe
  " C:\Program Files\SalesLogix\SLXSystem.exe"  /INSTALL


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Re: SLX System Service shuts down unexpectedly - Citrix Environment

Posted a solution under the KeepLoggedIn thread too...


If the SLX server has been renamed all references to the "old" server must be edited or deleted on all the Citrix servers.  We found where the Data Link Manager section of the Registry for each user contained the name of the old server for each SLX user on Citrix.  Once we deleted or edited the setting to the new server name the SLXSystem service runs without a problem.


PS:  we also found attachment paths saved on the Citrix servers pointing to the "old" server.  Because we moved the library and attachments to a different server we deleted these references too, just to be safe.


Bruce Pershke