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SLX Administrator (Or lack there of) for the Web

Hey guys,

I may have not seen a previous post on this before and I tried searching the boards for information but came up empty, but does anyone have any idea about where Sage is at with an Administrator program that will help with locking down permission sets that I have already done for my LAN/remote users?

It's sad because a very restricted user in LAN who cannot delete Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunites (as the options for this are set in the "security" tab of Administrator) can log into the web and have free range to delete whatever they please...

I can't program worth diddly and I am reluctant to pay my BP for code changes to do what Administrator should be doing across the board, especially if the next release of SLX is addressing this issue.

I am currently running v7.5.1 and I didn't notice anything in SP2 regarding this.

Any ideas?

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Re: SLX Administrator (Or lack there of) for the Web

It's already there in 7.5.3 (SP3).... and it's called Feature Security. You have Roles and Actions assigned to Roles. BUT if you upgrade, you should go to 7.5.4 w/HF's.


 Part of 7.5.3 announcement (notice the last item):

    New Web Administrator Tool:
This new tool does not replace the current SalesLogix Administrator, which you’ll still have to access to do some things; however the new Web-based administrator lets you access common administrator tasks via the Web such as managing users and teams, pick lists, products, etc.
   • Competitors: Add, edit, or delete competitors that can be associated to an opportunity.
  • Departments: Add, edit, or delete departments that can be used as a specialized team.
  • Lead Sources: Add, edit, or delete lead sources that identify how a contact or lead was created.
  • Literature Items: Add, edit, or delete literature items available for literature requests.
  • Library: Add, edit, or delete library folders and documents.
  • Pick Lists: Add, edit, or delete pick lists to help users improve data consistency.
  • Products and Packages: Add, edit, or delete products and product packages (a collection of products) that can be associated to an opportunity or sales order.
  • Teams: Add, create and manage teams that can be used to define account ownership and access.
  • Users: Add users, manage profiles, and set security.
  • Roles: Manage a user's access to Web Client features by role.



Your BP has a responsibility to keep you informed on when SP's come out, what's in them and advise you so YOU can make the critical business decisions you NEED to make. IF he/she is NOT doing this and is not responding to your need.. then remember, YOU (the Customer) are in the driver's seat and YOU have the absolute right to switch get a BP that WILL support you properly and keep you informed.

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