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Accepted Solution

SLX 6.2 on Win 2012 Server

I am trying to get this working (yes, I know it's a daft idea really).


Much to my amazement it actually installed all the SalesLogix services ok. I then restored a copy of our SLX database onto the same server (SQL Express 2012).


I then opened SalesLogix administrator and it comes up with this message:-


"A SalesLogix server was not detected. If you have network connection and you SalesLogix Administrator gave you a Port Number to enter, please enter it below and click the Next button.


If you would like to connect to a host SalesLogix database, but do not currently have a valid network connection, please connect to the network, then press the Next button.


Press Skip to exit the Database Connection Assistant and go directly to the SalesLogix Login screen"


So I remembered then that I hadn't set up the connection in SalesLogix Connection Manager, so went off and set up the connection to our database successfully.


Back to SalesLogix administrator and I got the same message.


I have missed something here but don't know what, even if I press Skip so I can get to login prompt and then click on the ellipses on the Log on To: dialogue to open data link manager, the connection I set up above is not listed (I expected it to see it here).


So in summary, I installed the server software, but the administrator screen says there is no saleslogix server installed, so what did I install!?! What do I need to do to make it a SalesLogix server? I read through the documentation but there's no mention of errors like this, it just assumes it will all work and off you go so to speak.


Any help much appreciated. Thanks.  



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Re: SLX 6.2 on Win 2012 Server

A - You already know you have at least three strikes against you:

      1 - Unsupported version of SLX

      2 - Unsupported Server OS for SLX 6.2.x

      3 - Unsupported version of SQL server fro SLX 6.2


B - Since it's SQL 2012  -

      1 - did you also install the SQL Native Client for SQL 2005 (on the system w/the Saleslogix "server" as well as ALL client systems?

       2 - Did you install the SQL 2005 backwards compatability?



FYI - Saleslogix makes two (2) connections to the DB:

       1 - via the SLX "provider"

       2 - Using SQL native

BOTH have to work right ;-)



Otherwise I strongly suggest you upgrade to 8.1 now .. and If you are not "current" - I'm sure someone like Mike Spragg will help you get a deal ;-)

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Re: SLX 6.2 on Win 2012 Server

Hi and thank you for your reply.


A - yes this is a bit of a long shot to say the least.


B - No I hadn't, but I have now and can now create a connection to the database and login to administrator etc so kudos to you sir!


It would appear that we don't have any client installs as such, it is all web based using the web host/components and the website is customised. I did try and configuring the web components but given Win2012 uses II8 it was a no-go, even with the IIS 6 management compatibility features installed. The error was something about not being able to connect to the IIS metabase and I've not been able to resolve it, just thought I'd post about it in case anyone else tries and comes across this thread.


It was an interesting exercise nonetheless and thanks again.