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Copper Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎12-30-2009

Process for Upgrading SLX 7.2.x to 7.5.2, migrating to new server and adding web services

I would like some advice regarding an upgrade and server migration procedure.


My production server is SLX 7.2.x on Windows Server 2003 with SQL 2000. No web component and no remotes. I want to upgrade to SLX 7.5.2 on a new Windows 2003r2 server with SQL 2005. We have a few customizations that we will apply to the new installation. I want to add the web server/client, but not the web reporting. Last year we virtualized our SLX server. We are not thrilled; the IT consultant has been unable to resolve some issues and we've decided to "get physical" again. Yes, I know we are probably the only people on the planet going un-virtual.


Here's my plan.

  1. New server
    a. Install Windows Server 2003r2
    b. Install SQL 2005
    c. Install IIS
    d. Install and Service Packs and Updates for the above
    e. Follow Chapter 2 (Preparing for Installation) in SLX Implementation Guide
    f. Follow Chapter 3 (Installing) and use Express Installation
    g. Run Express Install a second time and remove EmPulse
    h. Follow Chapter 10 (Install Web Components) - run Standard Install and Add Web, but do NOT proceed past .Net AJAX Extensions installation.
    i. Install Service pack 2 for SLX 7.5
    j. Continue configuring the web components and build/deploy a web site
    k. Install Swiftpage (email marketing) and Inaplex (database importation)
    l. Add our customizations to the 7.5.2 plug-ins, test.
  2. Old server
    a. Follow Upgrade SLX from V7.2.x to 7.5 (customizations left behind)
    b. Follow Applying Service Pack 2 for SLX 7.5
    c. Remove extraneous and unused add-ons & bundles. (Visual Analytics, SLX Mobile, Eventix)
    d. Backup production database to file (SQL 2000 format)
  3. New Server
    a. Restore production database to new server (SQL 2005 format)
    b. Verify customizations and release
    c. test and verify
    d. Go live
  4. Install 7.5.2 clients

I've already run through Step 1 on the new server several times. I'm planning to complete all of Step 1, then wait for a weekend to do Steps 2 & 3 in one weekend session. I'm using Acronis to take full disk images to several external devices for a failsafe.


I've probably over-thought this and become confused about Service pack 2 and when it should be installed. It appears that anytime a change is made using the 7.5 installer, you must reapply SP2. Does my plan seem realistic? Is there a problem with my logic? Thanks for your guidance.