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Re: Oracle OLEDB Provider not visible

Saleslogix is a 32 bit world.. the Saleslogxi provider is 32 bit.. no matter what db you run over (SQL xxxx or Oracle. You have to install 32 bit DB (oracle or SQL xxxx) on EVERY system that is a saleslogix db server and every system that is a saleslogix client.


Feel free to give me a call (I'm here in NH like you) and I'd be more than glad to talk this tru with you.



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Re: Oracle OLEDB Provider not visible

OK, I give in.  Once more I removed everything, re-booted, and reinstalled the 32bit Oracle and then the SLX and it works.  The trick must be to install SLX only after you clean up the Oracle provider.


I just do not understand why it needs to be 32 bit.  This means you are limiting the other Oracle programs that are co-resident.  I was really hoping to be done with a limitation in the Oracle client with version 8.  Also, it does not seem to be.  I am confused as to why my main machine was working before with both 32 bit and 64 bit provider installed.  It used to take the first one oracle instance on the environment path ... doesn't seem to be the case now.


Thanks for politely re-stating what you said before. 

Have a great day!