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Registered: ‎08-18-2010

Moving 6.2.6 to SLX Cloud, steps?

We want to get off the desktop versions and into the Cloud.  I have been working with Sage and our BP already, but looking to get some more perspectives.  (Not in love with our BP).


In your world, what is the best way to achieve this?  Our BP is pushing a upgrade instead of a migration.


"An upgrade would take your current 6.2 database and upgrade it to v7.5.3, plus we would need to install the web components. Think of this as your data remains intact, and the SalesLogix application (servers and some clients, and database [but not data itself]) gets upgraded to the latest version. We would then take that upgraded database and move it to a server in the cloud.


A migration would entail us taking your data (all the records currently in SalesLogix) and importing them into a fresh version of SalesLogix 7.5.3 on the cloud. We would not touch your current application layer, just move the data to a new version/instance of SalesLogix on the cloud (not locally). This requires a data migration tool.


It would be less time/cost to upgrade your system vs. migrating it to the cloud."


Agree?  Sounds like an upgrade is the way to go.

We are forgoing ALL customizations in the transition.  That said, how hard is the upgrade process?  Is it something an IT Pro like myself can handle?  I would like to do as much as I can on my own.


Any input is appreciated!  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Moving 6.2.6 to SLX Cloud, steps?

Upgrading is the way to go.  We are a SalesLogix business partner here in the Twin Cities.  If your client is looking for a new business partner, we can meet with them to discuss.  We can also help you with the upgrade and database migration to the cloud if you run into issues.


Scot Zimmerman


Scot Zimmerman
Interlinx Associates, LLC
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Re: Moving 6.2.6 to SLX Cloud, steps?

Strongly agree w/Scott - Upgrading is the way to go.  


Preserves the schema/relationships/users, etc.


Otherwise you have to do a TON of things that are NOT easy and NOT trivial - even for those of us who have been doing SalesLogix since the beginning!

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Re: Moving 6.2.6 to SLX Cloud, steps?

I will kindly disagree with Scott and RJL. If you are not keeping any customizations this is a great time to start with a clean, "off the shelf" system and to simply move the data you want to keep.  In my opinion, migrating a SalesLogix system to another SalesLogix system can be done in a cost effective manner. I am unaware of a shrink wrapped solution to handle this, however.


If you have a substantial number of custom tables/fields that you intend on keeping you aren't really "forgoing ALL customizations in the transition". This would potentially impact my recommendation.


Regardless of your upgrade vs. migration decision I recommend working with a SalesLogix expert.  CRM is more than software and it should not be treated as another software package that IT must maintain.  CRM should be an organization's vision of how they will engage with people.  This vision should be pervasive.  The software is just a tool to implement that vision.


Lastly, I do not know who your current partner is nor do I know the details of your CRM needs.  That being said,  based on the quotes you provided I don't think your partner is misleading you.

Timmus Agersea
Black Moth CRM