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Lockup Problems

I have a user on our network that is experiencing lockup problems when using Saleslogix and MAS  The following are things we have changed and still have the problem:


Switched computers with another that was working fine on the network for an employee no longer with us

Different network cabling from back of pc to switch

different port on switch

different user id for domain


The user has had the same lockups with both computers while no one else is having issue.  We have also run the system file checker, malware scans, and had the user only use Saleslogix/MAS.  No Change


The user is now logged back into their original PC as themself but using another set of Saleslogix and MAS logins.  It's been running for 3 hours without lockup.  But it had run for that long already this morning once before the login change.


The only common things left in the users office are UPS battery backup, LCD monitor, 2 HP USB printers, and the actual room.


I'm struggling to see what else I could eliminate.  If it locks up this afternoon with the different logins, I plan to disconnect the 2 usb printers and let him use a network printer so see if they could be the cause.  When it locks up no errors get logged and it just does a hard lockup, the clock stops, have to hard reset. 


Anybody ever have this type of thing happen with a particular Saleslogix or MAS userid.  I'm all ears if anyone has any suggestions.  I would normally be blaming the PC, but we've tried 2 different PC's already except for the monitor and printers.  Any suggestions?




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Re: Lockup Problems

Remember that SalesLogix and MAS (90/200 or 500) use different versions of crystal. Therefore the last installed application's Crystal Run-Time is the one that dominates the system. 


EX; Latest SalesLogix uses XI R2

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