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Integrity Checker while users logged in.....



I have seen the dire warning not to use Integrity Checker while any user or process may be accessing the database...


"! Do not click Repair while anyone or any program, including the Synchronization Server, is accessing the database. Users must not be logged in, and the Sync Server must not be running".


So I get the concept that someone or something may have a record locked when IC tries to update it.  Seems that that single record would not get updated which would be a problem if you are cascading through associated tables, but is there more going on with IC that isn't obvious?  There are a couple things that we would want business admins to run, and it is unlikely that we can get them to run them in the middle of the night when no users are on the system, and to then have them coordinate this with our IT group so that the sync server can be turned off and then back on.

What are the real risks?  (Also, I don't see anything that says IC must be run by "admin", only that the user must have an admin role that allows access to the utility. I assume that any user who runs it will have the changes propagated to remote databases as well?)



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Re: Integrity Checker while users logged in.....