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Integrity Checker use and automation?



We're on 7.2.2, LAN and Remote clients. Hopefully, this is the appropriate forum for this...


We have a business requirement to give certain accounts special payment terms. For example, we may give Sage Software payment terms of Net 45 when our standard terms might be Net 30.  The accounts that get these special terms tend to be large accounts with lots of locations.  As such, and since we are not maintaining any parent/child relationships between the accounts, there may be hundreds of individual accounts in the database who need to have their payment terms set and as new accounts are added, they also need to be updated to the correct terms.


Accounting does not use SLX nor are they willing to update the account records even if they had access.  The sales team don't really know who should get the special terms and even if they did, they are unlikely to make sure the correct terms are entered upon creating the account.  Since we quote out of SLX, it is important that we quote the correct terms.


So, I was thinking that we could use integrity checker to setup rules that looked for accounts by a specific name, and if the payment terms were not what they should be, update the terms to the appropriate ones.  This would be by "where Account like 'xyz %' or "where Account = 'abc'.  I know the issues about mis-spelling causing issues with updating or not updating wrong accounts, but business is okay with that side of it.  


I saw a very detailed document by Dave McGill on on automated integrity checks, but he noted that Integrity Checker needs to be run manually for the updates and his process really just let someone know if it needed to be run.


So, firstly, does Integrity Checker seem like a reasonable tool to use to update the payment terms on the accounts? And secondly, is there anyway to automate the process to run and update without intervention for a specific Integrity Checker library of rules?





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Re: Integrity Checker use and automation?

You are trying to use a (manual) check and repair tool to do teh work of a Workflow/alerts/automation tool.


I would go with something like TaskCentre.

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