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How to reset SLX 8.1 Outlook sync?

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Hi Everybody,


It's about the new Outlook Sync in Slx 8.1 Update Level 2.


Before a Go-Live the users did some Outlook sync tests. We then truncated (not deleted) the ACTIVITY table to start at 0 again. We didn't touch the GlobalChangeTracking table. --> Now the users can sync new Outlook appointments - but the old existing ones which were synced before in the test are not re-synced again to SLX.


Luckily we did truncate a not delete the activity table. Otherwise the Activity_Integration_Changetrigger probably would have cleaned up the GlobalChangeTracking table resulting in deleting the Outlook appointments.

I believe because the GlobalChangeTracking records are still here Outlook Sync does not see the old Outlook appointments as new ones.


How can we fix this and force Outlook Sync to resync from Outlook to SLX?

- Uninstall Outlook Sync, clean up the GlobalChangeTracking table?

- Modify a field on the GlobalChangeTracking table so the Outlook appointments looks newer again?

- ...


I already read the Outlook Sync 101 but it's to basic for this topic.

Thanks for any inputs.






Ambit AG, Switzerland
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Re: How to reset SLX 8.1 Outlook sync?

@ Swiftpage, is there a way to resync Outlook --> Saleslogix?


Or in other words, where is the link between the Outlook appointment and the Saleslogix appointment stored?

It doesn't seem to be the GlobalChangeTracking table. When I delete the table the appointment in Outlook still does not sync until I made a manual change.





Ambit AG, Switzerland
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Re: How to reset SLX 8.1 Outlook sync?

Because the mapping file is a hidden file in Outlook, you will need to use a tool such as OutlookSpy to access it and remove it. Then you would sync again.


OutlookSpy can be downloaded from the Url below. Make sure to use the correct one based on the bitness of Outlook (32-bit or 64-bit).


After you download it, you will install it on the client computer that Outlook Sync is installed on. Close Outlook and run the installation. This will provide you an evaluation copy that you can use. Once you are done, close Outlook and uninstall from Control Panel.


  1. Disable the sync in Options
  2. Go to your Calendar that you are syncing in Outlook
  3. From OutlookSpy, select IMAPIFolder
  4. Go to Associated Contents
  5. Select Saleslogix Sync Data and select Delete


After you are done, you can reconfigure sync and run sync again.


Be aware that this removes the mappings between the Calendar item in Outlook and the Activity item in Saleslogix. So this will cause a resync to occur. The activities in Saleslogix will come back over to Outlook again.  If it does not find an exact match it will recreate the activity again.

Loretta Carroll
QA Engineer
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Re: How to reset SLX 8.1 Outlook sync?


 Sounds like we need a "mod" to Outlook sync (built-in) so that any user can reset it. Suggest there be a reset for each item:




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Registered: ‎04-28-2009

Re: How to reset SLX 8.1 Outlook sync?

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Thank you Loretta, I was already looking around in OutlookSpy but could only find the sync configuration itself as described in another forum post.


After your steps it did a resync, but it's a lot of effort for multiple users.


I found another way:

1. Setup an empty SLX DB

2. Change the sync connection to this DB and also change the sync direction to SLX >> Outlook only (so you don't fill the empty db with your Outlook records)

3. Sync (nothing happens which is ok)

4. Change the connection back to the PROD DB and also the sync direction to two-way

5. Sync


It then also resyncs. This should not create duplicates I believe. I can't really tell because this Outlook was already full of duplicates from earlier tests.


But we definitly need a resync button.

IdeaLogix post:


Thanks again.

Best regards,


Ambit AG, Switzerland