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External access to web client

I have the Saleslogix 8.0 Web Client and 2.1 Mobile Client installed at a client on a domain server.  Are there any guidelines or documentation that I can send them on how to configure external internet access?   For example how to add it to an existing domain name (, what permissions to set, how it should be configured that everything is available.


Does SDATA need to be externally available for the Mobile Client to work?


They have a complex security infrastructure with DMZs and whatnot and their IT have not yet been able to correctly configure the URL.

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Re: External access to web client

A - Not good to be installed on a Domain Server. - If you mean you have it on a server that is a member of the domain - fine.


B - Have their security folks install a certificate for https ON the web server.


C - Open a "hole" in the firewall pointing to the web server for port 443 for that specific server.


D - Since the SData portal ... and mobile.. and SlxClient are all on the same server all will work fine.




This is how Mobility works:

    A - The SlxMobiel portal is ONLY for the application "download" to the device/browser

    B - The SData portal handles 100% of the login and 100% of the SlxData consumed by the Mobile Web App. 

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Re: External access to web client

I'm also looking for more information on remote access.  We currently make Saleslogix available to external users via SSL with a Citrix Netscaler.  The problem I'm experiencing is with reports.  We have a separate Saleslogix report server, and external users can't seem to run them. 


We have the webrpt web resource pointing to a url that does resolve outside and is setup on the Netscaler, but the hand off between the Saleslogix webserver to the report server seems to be an issue.


ver 7.5.4