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Accepted Solution

ExchangeLink and SalesLogix 7.5.3

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ExchangeLink was running properly until recently.

This week, I'm trying to restart it but I have an error when i test the connection with Exchange Server.


15:17:13:119  Need to impersonate the given user (ACTL\Administrator): the current user (ACTL01\SLXWebDLL) is different from the specified one

15:17:13:119  Enabling SE_TCB_NAME priviledge

15:17:13:119  Impersonating user ACTL\Administrator

15:17:13:232  Successfully called LogonUser

15:17:13:232  Successfully called ImpersonateLoggedOnUser

15:17:13:235  Successfully called TExchangeConnector.Create - MAPIInitialize

15:17:13:235  Creating MAPI profile

15:17:13:235  Successfully called MAPIAdminProfiles

15:17:13:237  Successfully called IProfAdmin::CreateProfile

15:17:13:260  Successfully called IProfAdmin::AdminServices

15:17:13:642  Successfully called IMsgServiceAdmin::CreateMsgService

15:17:13:644  Successfully called IMsgServiceAdmin::GetMsgServiceTable

15:17:13:644  Successfully called HrQueryAllRows

15:17:13:644  Calling MSA.ConfigureMsgService:  actl11 Administrator 422731EA22F59940B03E244DF001F042

15:17:14:409  IMsgServiceAdmin::ConfigureMsgService failed: WSAECONNRESET

15:17:14:440  Successfully called IProfAdmin:Smiley Very HappyeleteProfile


What is that ????


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Re: ExchangeLink and SalesLogix 7.5.3

SalesLogix KB:


Verify that the service user being used to test the connection to Exchange has the "Hide from Exchange address lists" option unchecked.


Exchange 2003


Open the Exchange Link service users profile in Active Directory.
Select the Exchange Advanced tab.
Clear the Hide from Exchange address lists checkbox.
Retest the connection to Exchange in Exchange Link.
Exchange 2007


Open the Exchange Management console.
Click the General tab, clear the checkbox for mailboxes.
Click the Advanced tab, to clear the checkbox for groups.
Retest the connection to Exchange in Exchange Link.

Regards, Adam Travers
empath-e Services Limited