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Custom security wrapper information needed

Hi everyone, i wonder if there's some documentation, example or guideline out there that shows how to build a custom security wrapper for SLX, that overwrites the standard slx security (based on teams and owners) and looks into a DLL to allow or not the users to see and access the accounts...

I'm very very interested on that.. but never find any doc..

I do know how to program a DLL, but i need to know how do i say the program "hey, don't look the owner for the security, instead look into this DLL or exe, or whatever"....

Best regards and thanks in advance

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Re: Custom security wrapper information needed

Theer's not much about custom (security) provider plugins floating around even though they hev been "supported" since the Scorpion (v7.0.0) release. There's an example in the SageU developer's subscription (LAN - Implementing Row-Level Security thru a Wrapper).


Doinng something like this is not for the faint of heart and requires a significant amount of technical knowledge of SalesLogix.


Although you CAN disable the OOTB security and replace it w/your own.. you really do NOT want to do that. The idea is to augment it w/your additions to the constraints ("WHERE clause").


The DLL must be "COM" style dll and can be written in one of several languages. Believe it or not, the easiest way to write it is to use VB6. 


You just might want to farm this one out (or take a look at the SageU example)



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