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New Member
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Registered: ‎11-15-2013

Constant Freezing - SLX 7.2.1 Virtual Server

We have been have trouble with the SLX (and old version 7.2.1) freezing constantly on our systems. I have recently taken over from the previous IT manager who knew very little about the system and how SLX ran, and find myself in a similar predicament.


As our version of SLX is heavily customised, it has not been possible for us to update either the servers or SLX itself for a number of years. Whilst we look for a replacement, I need to keep this version running.


It runs from a virtual server, and has only recently started to error. I cleared the SLXLogs/documents folder which was over 90gb of data, but if anything the problems remaion.


Can anyone offer me any advice on this?