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Autosync - Remote vs. Remote Office problem

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As an admin, I need to work in both the host database environment as well as a remote environement for testing, etc. This works fine for me. I select the host database connection when I need that and I select the Remote database connection when I need that. In addition, I have autosync setup to run every couple of hours. All with no problems at all.


I have another person who needs to also work in a remote environment sometimes, but mainly works in a remote office environment. There is no problem with choosing which connection to use, and logging in to either works fine. We set up the autosync when they were in their own remote database, and that worked fine.  However, after working in the Remote office database, the autosync starts running against the Remote Office database instead of their personal remote database.  I found a registry entry which seems to control this


My computer\HKEY_USERS\...........\Software\Microsoft\Windows\\CurrentVersion\Run 

Value name: SyncClient.exe

Value Data: C:\Program Files\SalesLogix\SyncClient.exe /b"SLXREMOTE" /NOSPLASH


However, this seems to be changed just by logging into the Remote Office database.  I know that SLX stores the last connection, but it seems like it should not update the autosync service... Is there a way to prevent this??



Message Edited by pjames95003 on 04-13-2009 03:52 PM