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Registered: ‎01-16-2014

7.5.4 Web Portal Deployment to port 3560/3550 fails with array error



I am the new guy to Saleslogix and I need some help determine the issue I am having deploying the client portals to a web host on port 3560. 


I've successfully deployed the saleslogix sites to other environments using the standard application architect method and I haven't encountered this message before. 



The webhost I am trying to deploy to is already home to about 12 other Saleslogix web sites (It's a Developer Server with multiple sites) but when I attempt to deploy the client portals I get the following error.


ERROR - Exception was thrown when setting up target. Message is Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: array
ERROR - One or more of the targets failed for portal 'sdata' to configure successfully. Please review deployment settings and try to deploy the portal again.


I have checked other forums and seen other forum's state that this error can be ignored, but not in my case - this error is stopping the deployment from going ahead and working and ignoring the error I get an unusable website - just files no applications or anything etc.


I suspected it was a port setting of 3560 as when I tried to deploy to the same server using port 80 it went through and I did not get any errors - however that only seemed to have worked once - the next time I tried it to the same server (after reverting back to the snapshot before I made any changes) it actually failed with both port 80 and 3560.


So I'm a little bit confused as to what is causing my deployment to fail and could use some assistance, thank you in advance.



Details :


Saleslogix 7.5.4

Webhost Win2k8r2slx754

Slx version 7.5.4

SQL version 2008r2


Lan client tests - ok

sysdba access - ok

Log in to database as users - ok


Only the webhost deployment is failing with the errors above - the error is generated for each portal.


Thanks again.